Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be The Change!

I am so excited about the newest campaign that Transitions Global is launching!

When President Obama was on the campaign trail he talked about the "Change". Right now our country is suffering economically but people still want to help and show that the US is as strong as ever. We want to show that we can be the "Change!"

The Buck Up Campaign is the answer to this dilemma!!

Right now 27 million people around the globe are in slavery... If you have done any reading about human trafficking you have heard this statistic over and over. In his book, Skinner quotes Stalin when he says, "The death of one man is a tragedy but the death of a million is a statistic." When Stalin says this, he is speaking to a common truth that I have heard called, "The paralysis of analysis", meaning that when there is an issue that is so huge we as humans just shut down.

The Buck Up Campaign gives us the answer to the question, "How do you eat an Elephant?" We all know the answer, right? It is, "One bite at a time" I would say that we could modify the answer and say, "One Buck at a time."

In his book, Siddarth Kara makes the statement that, "if all the slaves in the world were freed today, they would have nowhere to go." Transitions Global is in the business of setting up safe and effective homes for survivors of sex trafficking. They have taken the global success rate of 30% and flipped it on its head. They have a near 80% success rate! When Transitions Global came up with this campaign they figured that if everyone in the state of Oregon (they are currently running a home in Cambodia but are working to set one up in Portland and Mumbai) gave $1 then they could run a shelter for victims of sex trafficking for 3 years!!

Imagine if everyone in the US did this!!!

This is a way that the people of the United States can stand up and put an end to slavery while they pay their light bills, mortgages, kids soccer tuitions, etc...

This is a way for the American public to stand up and make a difference!

Join me and make the statement, "I Bucked Up!"

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