Monday, April 13, 2009

An average girl who is not so average...

Angel Daniels is a fellow abolitionist that I have had the privilege of talking to a couple of times via email and Facebook.

It is amazing to me how unassuming her
website and blog are. I am absolutely amazed at the work she is doing.

It is people like her that inspire me to keep going even when I am sick, working in the middle of the night, the car needs work, bills need to be paid, there are tivo'd episodes of Lost and 24 that need to be watched, my wife needs a date, my girls need to go to the park, I need to workout, homework is due.... you get the point. :-)

Currently, Angel is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on the effects of human trafficking, prostitution, slavery, and exploitation.

She has already been to Cambodia. While she was there she met with Transitions Global and was so impressed she wanted to continue the relationship with them especially in the area of Trafficking as it relates to the States.

She states on her own
blog, "
I became more and more intent on working with Transitions somehow, and it was at that time that I discovered that James and his wife, Athena, were expanding Transitions Cambodia into a global operation, and were starting a shelter in Portland, Oregon, for survivors of trafficking and slavery in the US! Can you imagine how thrilling that is?! It has been my goal to figure out how to help these survivors, and to start some sort of a program for the enslaved in our very own country - and now the hardest part (the getting it started part) is already being done! And by two of the people I most respect, using the most effective model of recovery worldwide! Eek!"

This summer, she will be traveling to Uganda, Africa, to study the reality of slavery and exploitation that occurs there on a massive scale. In order to fund this research,
100% of the proceeds from her art sales will be going directly to the Uganda trip.

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thanks for the retweet today. found your blog. thanks for what you are doing :)