Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Stuff!

So... Today had some great news! 

Cory (my contact and traveling buddy) just got back from Haiti with his wife. On this trip Cory was able to shore up our itinerary plans... Instead of traveling in and around Port-au Prince, we will be working to the South West of the Island. This will be good because the orphanage/home base is there. This will give us a good starting point in the mornings and an easy place to return to before dark. It will also eliminate the hassle of getting around in Port-au Prince. 

There is a city about 30 minutes from Ti-Riviere (where the orphanage is) which is made up of mostly tents. This city has a population which numbers in the hundreds of thousands. I am still trying to wrap my brain around that. 

There are ten organizations in that area who are doing work, and we will be meeting with them as we develop a game plan for the discipleship/outreach program that Cory will be putting together. 

There is also some news of a potential human trafficking intervention that we might be a part of... I don't want to go into to many details right now... But I will update if things develop. 

ALSO... This is great!!! For some reason I totally felt that I should call my Cambodia traveling buddy, Fritz Liedtke, today and pitch the idea of going to Haiti... AND... He said yes! So, besides the great company, we are going to have some awesome photos and possibly video of the trip. 

Check out Fritz's work at 

That is all for now. Good night! 

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