Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Eve

Hey all,

Thank you to all of you who have made this upcoming trip possible! You guys are all amazing! 

I just got back into town after spending the weekend with my ladies and some friends at an amazing beach house! It was time away that was much needed! 

Tomorrow I will get some work done with my day job, come home grab my stuff, and then off to the airport. 

I will be meeting the team in Miami and then we will head to Haiti on Tuesday morning. 

I am still unclear as to whether or not I will have wi-fi, so in case I do not... Just know that no news is good news. :-) 

After I get back I will take the next week to log pics and stories from the journey. 

In the mean time... If you guys would take a sec to click on the icon in this post and vote for Transitions Global... That would be awesome! Chase has an awesome contest to recognize non-profits and we have a chance to win $250k!!!"><img src=" " /></a>

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