Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday was crazy... 

Full of some pretty intense things... 

Got in an argument with someone about the border issues in Arizona. For the record I don't agree with what is going on down there. I don't think it is a black and white issue... There is so much gray that is involved in this issue. I am really tired of my conservative friends just jumping the bandwagon and not really thinking through all the issues. There is such a pervasive attitude that just screams, "Get out of my GD country... and God Bless America." What really irritates me is when Christians jump on the bandwagon and start spouting what they heard the super conservative-talking head say... They start in and they do not have any compassion for the people involved. 

When Jesus was alive, I am sure that Rome had immigration problems, as well as a whole host of political issues. However, he didn't focus on that... he focused on loving the people that he could love! In fact he chose to walk right through Samaria... Samaria was the equivalent of our modern day Mexico, except way worse. Samaria was a place that the religious people would choose to walk around, which meant and extra day or so to there trip. Jesus was concerned about the marginalized. He was concerned with the least of society. And he didn't let anyone tell him that the problem was so big that loving them would be a waste of time. 

So, this is how the morning started... I am all fired up and then... As I am driving away... WHAM! I witness this car get t-boned... Thankfully, everyone was all right but it was all pretty dramatic. 

Then 30 minutes later, I am on the phone with someone talking about the potential of doing some huge things in Haiti... Far and above what this first trip is slated for. More to come on that. 

30 min after that, I am having conversation about potentially life altering directions... 

The rest of the day filled with other pretty intense things that I can't get into, right now.... And then to end it all, The Suns lose by 2

So, things are shaping up nicely for Haiti... I have $450 more to raise, but I think with the matching grant that should be no problem! 

If you want to donate, please click the chip in button... 

Also, please subscribe to the blog... This way you can keep up to date with other blog post, videos, and pics.... I am planning on posting A LOT... when I am down in Haiti. 

Much Love! 

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