Sunday, May 23, 2010

The 31st is coming quick

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But... to catch you up to speed... I have been invited to go to Haiti and help set up a Social Justice program. Mission Haiti started as a christian orphanage and are in a region where they are the only NGO around. This is awesome, because it means they have a huge opportunity for impact! 

I will go and work with one of their staff for 5 days, at the end of June. During that time we will meet with other organizations on the Island to get a good sense of what is already going on... No sense in reinventing the wheel, and there might be possibilities for good partnerships. 

Once back in the states we will evaluate all of our findings and create best practices to effectively implement the beginnings of a Social Justice component into the culture of Mission Haiti. They are already doing an amazing job with the orphanage, but we also want to look at issues like; Human Trafficking, Education, Water, Food, Land, Medicine, etc... All of these things are included when we speak about Social Justice. 

I am super excited about this opportunity, but I need your help to do it! Please join me in this adventure by making a donation, now! 

I need to raise this money by the end of the month, May 31st. In order to arrange for my airfare, lodging, etc... 

Just click on the "chip in" widget and you will be able to make a donation through Paypal. 

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated, and to those of you who will donate! You all are amazing! 

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