Friday, January 8, 2010

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Targets Human Traffickers

Human trafficking is a major problem for Florida, ranking third in the country for the crime. JSO Lt. Mike Eason said Jacksonville is an attractive spot for traffickers.
"Not only is Jacksonville a port city, but also the fact that it is a major highway hub with I-10 and I-95," Eason explained.
Trafficking is not just international, they are also working to stop domestic, often underage sex, trafficking.
"Primarily these pimps target habitual run away females and have them prostitute for them," Eason said they are working two such cases right now.
They are trying to make you more aware of the danger signs so you can report potential trafficking to them.
"Anything that looks like it is out of the ordinary. People who seem like they are not doing what they are doing willingly," Eason said.
Also lots of people in a small place with one spokesperson are another warning sign.
Since this trafficking is behind the scene and often un-reported it is hard to get an exact figure on how much human trafficking passes through the area. Eason said it is a problem and getting more the public involved will help them fight the traffickers.

The Sheriff will hold a Monday press conference to discuss their plans more.

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