Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Global human trafficking news roundup (January, 5, 2010)


North Carolina: Greenville mayor proclaimed January as a month of human trafficking awareness. North Carolina, according to the report, is particularly vulnerable to human traffickers because of the major highways and  a large agricultural industry. 

Texas: Austin police arrested two men for holding six illegal immigrants against their will. Police discovered almost a naked man who was bleeding on the street last week. According to the affidavit, he broke the window and escaped from the apartment complex that he was imprisoned with other five smuggled people.  The report also states that police department in Austin receives 25-30 human trafficking cases every month. 

Florida: A man accused of sex trafficking his underage wife was freed after the alleged victim recanted her story. The victim  and her children are currently under the state custody. Meanwhile, the federal authorities, according to the report, are still investigating the allegations. 

Washington: The legislators around the country are pressing laws to assist runaways and child prostitutes. The new bills include improvement on early intervention, social services, runaway track downs by the police.    

Maryland: A 42 years old man was arrested for pimping on four minors. The prosecutors said that he met these girls on the street of Washington and Maryland and prostituting them in downtown, D.C. When the man began prostituting them, the girls were in the age between 12 -16. The victims lived with the man, his children, and two prostitutes. 


Azerbaijan: The authorities revealed the 80 facts of crimes connected to human trafficking cases in 2009. According to the report, 21 criminal groupings have been neutralized and 91 victims have been revealed on these facts." Also,  54 victims of human trafficking have been placed in the shelters for further assistance. 

Australia: Two Sydney men face 300 child sex charges. They were arrested for molesting boys in the age between 10 and 18  as well as prostituting them. 


South Africa: The Thai woman who was charged with trafficking women from Bankok was denied bail last week. According to the report, the court concluded that her bail would place on the risk of fleeing the country to evade trial.  

Niger:  A local NGO in cooperation with UNICEF help young women build economic power. Child labor is a big problem in Niger. Children are expected to work as early as five on the street. To meet their family needs, children are placed at risk of sexual abuse and exploitation on the street. Sometimes, children enter prostitution to make a living. The program helps them learn new skills to better themselves and help their family. 

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