Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trip to Cambodia

At the beginning of the month I went to Cambodia along with friend/photographer, Fritz Liedtke. We took the trip for several reasons. I wanted to get a more intimate knowledge of the region and learn more about the issue of trafficking as it pertains to SE Asia and more specifically to Cambodia. I also wanted to meet the people who are on the ground and in the trenches fighting to abolish slavery. I wanted to learn about these people/organizations. I wanted to hear their heart, so that I can relay their message to people here in the States. 
We also went to obtain photos and video footage, so that we could tell the story of trafficking as it pertains to this part of the globe. Fritz did an awesome job of obtaining photos and video. We will be releasing these through multi-media in the weeks ahead. Fritz and Dayn Arnold are working at editing and producing several different videos with the footage that we were able to capture while we were there.  

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