Saturday, July 24, 2010


O.K. So, I am finally sitting down to process my recent trip to Haiti through blogging. To all of those (probably 2 of you) who have waited, thank you for your patience! 

As soon as I got off the plane I hit the ground running. I got home on a Sunday night around 11pm and had to be at work first thing in the morning. To make it more fun, I had some sort of rash all over and a pretty bad cold. I guess it is all part of the game. :-) 

So, this trip was by far the most intense trip I have been on so far. I was intending on writing a summary blog to sort of catch everyone up, but I am going to do a day by day summary, instead. This is probably more for me than the reader. A sort of catharsis, if you will. 

So.. This is the Intro... Of my Journey to Haiti, to learn, to spread justice and to learn about the down fall of making sweeping moral judgements. 

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