Saturday, December 12, 2009

Derek Webb - "Jena and Jimmy" Ladies don't let this happen to you.

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mckeetr said...

check out what the song is really about. Totally changes the context of this song:

“Jena & Jimmy” is preceded on the record by “Justice in the System,” a piece that
was written and performed by Melody Cooper – who is not a professional musician
– at an event I attended in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Sojourners. With no
music — no accompaniment – nothing, she just stood there and delivered this
performance that was so stunning I instantly knew I wanted to put it on my next
“Justice in the System” sets the stage for “Jena & Jimmy,” my attempt to reframe
the historical struggle between the civil rights movement and the U.S. government
– particularly between Martin Luther King, Jr. and J. Edgar Hoover – in a
contemporary, relational setting. In the broadest sense, I wanted to write about
the struggle between those in power and those who are brave enough to
withstand intimidation and have their voices heard.