Friday, September 25, 2009

I met the mother of a trafficking survivor

Ok.. .So, some of you know that I am working like mad to help coordinate

I have the rest of this afternoon and tomorrow before the event on Sunday.... So, needless to say, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :-)

One would be correct in asking the question, "If Seth is so busy then why the heck is he taking time to blog? Shouldn't he get to work!?!"

I had to share this, because it is what will keep me going this weekend!

I was in Staples about 15 minutes ago faxing something that I had already faxed and I shouldn't have been there because I am really busy... Honestly I had a lousy attitude and it was just a pain in my butt. (sure go ahead and judge me, I am sure none of you have ever done that :-) )

However, there was apparently a reason I was there. The lady behind the print counter asked how my day was and I did the usual small talk... I told her about the event and how busy I was. I told her I never imagined that it would take this much work to get several hundred people on bikes to ride around in a big circle.

She tells me she totally understands and that she will email her friends about the event because she used to work with "Bike Oregon". I thought, "Wow, that is huge and could get us some more exposure." She then asks, "What is the cause?" Which prompts me to launch into my standard Human Trafficking speech that I have given a thousand times....

The response I received was different than any other to date.

She stood their stunned..

She then broke and was on the verge of tears as she told me that her daughter was taken when she was 16 and was prostituted all over the South Western states. She told me that the guy who took her impregnated her and that she is now a 25 year old, single mother, who is an alcoholic.

Now it was my turn to be stunned! How in the world was I having this conversation?

I quickly asked her if her daughter had gotten any help and she said, "That she just drinks to numb the pain and the memories."

I gave her my info and told her to contact me and I am going to work with our Director at Transitions Global to get her some help.

I am honestly blown away... And now I have to run to pick up t-shirts, print outs, keys, etc, etc, etc.....

Much Love,

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mckennah said...

God is good Seth. Keeping doing what you are doing. :)